Liquid Energy Matcha Latte

Liquid Energy Matcha Latte

I think one of my favourite moments in the day is when I get up and give myself time to make and enjoy a steaming hot matcha green tea latte.

There are so many ways to make a matcha latte, and I want this to be simple, yet still allow you to achieve a great tasting and nutritious drink. 

This fast and easy recipe uses oat milk for a flavour balance that will leave you feeling ready and raring to go.


  • ½ tsp liquid energy
  • Approximately 50ml hot (not boiling water)
  • 200ml additional hot water or steamed milk of choice (psssst. We love Oatly's Barista blend!)
  • 1 tsp sweetener (honey, agave, maple syrup) (optional)


  1. Matcha is prone to clumps, so sifting the matcha into a small bowl or your mug will really help disperse the powder equally whilst whisking. 
  2. Pour 50ml of the hot water. Using a matcha whisk (best) or small regular whisk, whisk the matcha in the water until fully suspended where bubbles begin to form.
  3. Now here you can top with 200ml more water and enjoy as you would a green tea OR froth/steam/warm desired milk and pour on top.
  4. Give a stir and add your sweetener if using.


If you have a milk frother, add ½-1 tsp liquid energy in with your milk and let them froth up together!

Makes: 1

    Watch how I made it!

    Did you know?

    Our range of blends uses only 100% organic and natural ingredients, with no added sugar, artificial flavours or fillers and no more than 7 calories per serve.

    So you know exactly what you are putting into your body!

    The Complete Super(food) Trio!
    The Complete Super(food) Trio!

    The Complete Super(food) Trio!

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    Want a blend for every occasion? Undecided on your favourite flavour?  Stock up your cupboards and get creative. 

    Maca (Balance)
    Turmeric (Gold)
    Matcha (Energy)

    We promise you will love this trio and at a great price too.  Check out our recipes section for inspiration and how to easily boost your nutrition.  #tastytrio :)