A New Kind of Wellness

A New Kind of Wellness
I stumbled across the community based project - We do wellness group (WDWG) when they reached out to me in February to collaborate on a local event as part of the Wandsworth Arts Fringe art festival run by Wandsworth Council.

Due to the lockdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we ere unable to continue with our plans and so I got in touch with the girls to find out what they are currently working on!

Here's what they had to say:

"We set up We Do Wellness Group because we wanted all women to have access to everyday wellness tools. But what does wellness look like during a pandemic?

To be honest, it’s a really hard question to answer and something we are still trying to figure our ourselves!

“Normal” just isn’t “normal” anymore and routines have changed! If you had asked us before what wellness looked like to us, we would have answered “sisterhood, support, empowerment and self-care, both in terms of mental and physical”. But when on a lockdown, is it possible to still practice wellness in the ways that we once did?

In short, the answer is no. Things have changed, but change is good, so let’s embrace it and get into a new kind of wellness! If you were to ask us today what wellness looked like to us, the answer would still be “sisterhood, support, empowerment and self-care, both in terms of mental and physical”, but different.

So, what does different look like to us? It looks digital! It looks like more online meet ups and events, more DM’s saying “Hey Sis, how are you? Let’s catch up!”, more engagement in the comments section of our socials, more free resources to help our sisters practice self-care from home, more promotion of other female small business owners, and more collaborations with brands who inspire us and our followers. And you know what? We’re super excited about it all!

It’s times like this that we have found it so important to remember our fundamentals, the truths that we hold on to and what we vowed to achieve before the pandemic and then flex it to suit. In fact, that is a life lesson in itself and has taught our team, each individually, the importance of resilience, flexibility and “glass half full” mentality, during this change. This is definitely something all of us will try to continue to practice in our lives after the pandemic"

So, what can you expect from We Do Wellness Group in the future?

Well, WDWG are hosting their first online event on the 24th of May 2020 , alongside the lovely Laura Letters Life (@lauraletterslife), featuring the collaboration of mindfulness and lettering, and a MAWISH latte giveaway..

You can also keep a look out for their online shop, soon to be opening! They plan to continue being a platform for truth, vulnerability and creativity and hope to have more amazing ladies featured on our blog!

Find out what they are up to and more details on all of our upcoming online events at www.wedowellnessgroup.com.

Also, for any ladies interested in being featured on our blog and making We Do Wellness Group your platform, feel free to drop us a “Hey!” in our DM’s on Instagram, @wedowellnessgroup. We’d love to hear from you!

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