About MAWish Food

About MAWish Food

MAWish came about whilst I was working as a nutrition researcher in the cardio-metabolic department at King’s College London. Results from dietary intake data obtained from the many clinical trials taking place, painted a clear picture of the wider nutritional issues affecting the UK population. With only 0.1% of the population meeting all 9 of the UK dietary guidelines, I wanted to do something about it. 

MAWish now offers 3 carefully formulated blends (with more in the pipeline) with ingredient ratios designed to maximise the bioavailability (meaning the body’s ability to absorb the nutrients) of active ingredients. The aim: to allow consumers to boost their daily nutrient intake and aid Energy, Mood and Recovery.

The blends 'Liquid Gold', 'Liquid Energy' and 'Liquid Balance' provide cafes with a delicious speciality latte alternative, bartenders with a functional cocktail ingredient, restaurants with a nutritional super blend that boosts their menu, and the everyday consumer the most versatile, yet health promoting product in their kitchen cupboard.

At MAWish we care about the impact we make and about what goes in each tube, from the packaging through to the ingredients.

The nutritionist formulated blends contain ingredients that are 100% natural.

  • All products are free from artificial colours, flavours, sugar free, filler-free and importantly organic and vegan friendly.
  • Packaging is 100% recyclable; the inner tube is made from bamboo cellulose and is fully compostable.

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MAWish's blends can now be purchased in over 30 independent retailers and can be tasted in 15 cafes across the UK and Ireland. We also have a presence across 10 online wholesale marketplaces including Amazon, Abound, Faire, Ankorstore and the newly rebranded FodaBox.

Did you know?

Not only has Liquid gold got the highest amounts of curcumin than the majority of turmeric on the market, the addition of black pepper which contains a compound, piperine, means that our blend helps the body absorb curcumin, the antioxidant found in turmeric that is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.