Want to add 'MAW' to Mother's Day?

Yes you heard us right! Mother’s Day is fast approaching, celebrated on Sunday 27th March 2022 in the UK.
Stuck for how to celebrate or want to try something a little different? Then carry on reading to see how you can make Mother’s Day that little bit MAW special!

In the UK we love our hot beverages! Here are some facts that might surprise you:

  • Approximately 95 million cups of coffee are consumed per day (1).
  • Approximately 100 million cups of tea are consumed per day (2) – yes still living up to our stereotype!

    Tea and coffee have always been a staple but were mainly drank at home and available in limited forms. However, with the rise of the out of home food environment this is now a thing of the past. International chains such as Starbucks and Costa Coffee alongside independent eateries now dominate the high street with 26,000 shops recorded in the UK in 2019 (3). This has resulted in an array of beverage offerings from: cappuccinos, fruit teas, espressos, and smoothies – the list goes on! (4,5).

    Café culture is now ingrained in our society, research shows that 80% of us who attend coffee shops visit once a week (at the very minimum!) and 16% go EVERY single day (6). Both men and women attend coffee shops equally, however, vary in terms of duration, expenditure, and drink choice (7). Men are often more traditional; in that they may visit every day, but, not spend as long there (7). In contrast, women view coffee shops as more of a social space for: a coffee date with a friend, to work or to meet up with other mothers and their children (8,9).


    Yet with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, the hospitality sector was financially hit with extended periods of closure. Many of us were accustomed to the barista style experience and tried to replicate our favourite drinks at home, by purchasing coffee machines and milk frothers (10,11). Several retailers noted a demand for these products with John Lewis reporting a 22% increase in the purchasing of their coffee machines (10).

    Not only has the pandemic forced us to become trainee baristas but it has also impacted on our attitudes towards our own health (12). A recent study suggested that as a nation we are now far more health conscious than before the pandemic (12). These attitudes and values have translated into our purchasing behaviour, where more and more of us are opting for drinks marketed with holistic benefits (13). Notably, women are the key drivers in this area and consider themselves more adventurous when trying new drinks (7). Coffee shops have responded to this movement by adding further lines of specialty drinks with health in mind, often including matcha (green tea) and turmeric (a spice) (4,14).

    It is brilliant that these age-old medicinal ingredients have been given a chance to integrate into the mainstream market, however, this can come with several downsides. Many brands targeting the masses use ingredients that may not be of high quality, use sugars or artificial ingredients that undo any of the potential health benefits, or may not be sustainably sourced.

    That’s where MAWish comes in! A brand providing nutritionist formulated, quality assured and competitively priced organic blends! So why not make Mother’s Day a little MAW special by purchasing one of our blends?

    Here are a few recipes for you to try!

    We have something for all mum's so have a browse and click on the link for ingredients and method.

    Salted Caramel Maca Hot Chocolate made with Liquid Balance

    Click for recipe 

    Matcha Latte made with Liquid Energy

    Click for recipe

    Golden Latte made with Liquid Gold

    Click for recipe

    Want a treat for yourself?

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    For guaranteed delivery for Mother’s Day order before 12pm on Friday 25th March 2022.

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    Written by Danielle Jones


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