Matcha and Me: Sarah (aka the mummy PT)

Matcha and Me: Sarah (aka the mummy PT)

As a mum to one active 3 year old and a personal trainer, I am always looking for ways to adjust my diet and lifestyle to have more energy and energy that lasts!! 

The quick buzz from that early morning black coffee has always been my go to, but since starting my PT business I needed to readdress my energy source and find something more long term and slow release.

So.. I now call upon matcha and I love it!! Either in my overnight oats, smoothies or as a pre workout latte, it is so versatile and delicious when married with vanilla, coconut, mango…. the flavour combos are endless (head over to my Instagram page for smoothie Inso)!!

I can really truly feel the difference after having a matcha compared to coffee, no rush of energy, no anxiety, no come down…just a great feeling of calm and consistent energy levels that fuel me through the most hard core workouts! Another huge positive me for is that it also doesn’t interfere with my sleep as coffee does and its great to rev up the old metabolism!

I have been using #liquidenergy for a few months now and love its subtle but flavoursome taste. It is blended with a hint of vanilla so I don’t need to add my own and it gives the perfect sweetness.

I am currently continuing to build a community of amazing ladies doing online weekly workouts and 121 sessions so if you are pregnant, post natal or neither of these but want a stress free, convienient way to exercise then please check my website or my instagram account themummypt for more information.


Did you know?

Not only has Liquid gold got the highest amounts of curcumin than the majority of turmeric on the market, the addition of black pepper which contains a compound, piperine, means that our blend helps the body absorb curcumin, the antioxidant found in turmeric that is known for its anti-inflammatory properties.