Hey you.. Coffee Addict!

We are confident we can convert your bad caffeine habit and transform you into a zen, focused and fully energised Matcha latte (or tea) drinker once you've taken our 21 day challenge and had a chance to experience our ceremonial grade Liquid Energy on a regular basis. 

So here it is...

All you need to do is swap one (or all) of your coffee's a day with a matcha tea or latte.

If you reach for the coffee machine as soon as your alarm goes off, we recommend switching this am caffeine hit with a serving of Liquid Energy.

Why 21 days?

Three weeks (21 days) is the perfect amount of time to complete our challenge as it gives your body enough time to adapt the the energy boosting effects and health benefits of matcha.

We are almost certain that by day two your body will be feeling more alive and by day seven you will almost have forgotten about your coffee craving during your usual afternoon slump.

By week 2, you'll be be looking forward to your morning matcha latte and are sure that by the end of the 21-day matcha challenge, you'll be telling your friends how much better you feel!

MOre reasons to try matcha

We've had an overwhelming response to our first #21daymatchachallenge, thank you all!

You've missed the chance to get a free tube of matcha this time around but you can ABSOLUTELY still join in with us - sign up to the challenge below and you'll be included in the email list which all the fun challenges, tips and recipes.

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