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Give your customers a delicious alternative

Today’s customer wants more than just tea or coffee so why not offer them a choice of nutritious and delicious alternatives?

Perhaps your customers are on a coffee detox?

or are looking to reduce their sugar intake?

or maybe they just fancy trying something new?

Packed full of flavour, spices and superfoods, MAWish offers a range of outrageously healthy blends that fill the space between tea, coffee and syrupy frappe's

Good for you and the 'gram!

We’ve gone to great lengths to source clean, sustainable and ethical ingredients from trusted suppliers.

Our ingredients are certified organic, and clear of preservatives, flavourings, thickeners, and sugar of any kind..

Only the vibrant natural compounds give them their instagrammable colour!


We’re proud to be among the 20,000+ independent brands selling on Faire.

You get free returns on your first MAWish order, and can purchase with net 60 payment terms—order new inventory today, and pay 60 days from now.

Until June your first order (up to £300) is on us!

It's a risk free no brainer right?